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I Might Not Get Married To Soma – Angel Clarifies



Angel Smith, a former participant of the BBNaija All Stars show, has expressed reservations about the prospect of marrying her romantic partner, just days after Soma shared their future plans.

It’s important to highlight that their romantic relationship blossomed during the recently concluded Big Brother Naija All Stars reality show. Unfortunately, they were both evicted from the competition a week before the finale.

In a recent interview with TVC, Angel emphasized that her relationship with Soma in the House was authentic and not a strategic maneuver, as some had speculated.

However, Angel made it clear that the idea of marrying Soma might not align with her perspective as much as it does with her love interest’s view.

In her words:-
“What we [I and Soma] had in the House was very real. He might not be my person, honestly. We might not end up together. We might not get married. We may not end at that stage.

“But if he [Soma] does [propose], then yes, I’m open to that. So, for now, I would say he is my person at the moment. And he’s a sweetheart and I hope people know that he’s a sweetheart.

“For me, I’m living in the moment. There’s no end goal for me. I enjoy this now. If it goes well, good. But if it doesn’t, we try again. Love shouldn’t end with one person. I really don’t care about people’s opinions. What I care about is my feelings.”

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