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I Haven’t Come To Terms With Winning BBTitans – Khosi Speaks



I Haven’t Come To Terms With Winning BBTitans – Khosi Speaks

Makhosazane Twala, the winner of the maiden edition of the popular reality show, Big Brother Titans, who is simply known as Khosi, has spoken about her win.

She said that she has yet to come to terms with the reality of winning the show.

She was declared the winner of the show on Sunday, April 2, 2023. With her win, she became $100,000 richer.

She however stated that she was yet to come to terms with her new status.

Speaking during a press conference, Khosi, who is a South African journalist and model, said, “The reality of winning the show has not dawned on me.

“Just this morning at my hotel, some people were trying to take pictures with me, and it caught me by surprise. It’s not something I’m used to.”

When asked if she would share the prize money with fellow contestants, she jokingly said she would. Her response was greeted with cheers by the former housemates present at the media parley.

Khosi also stated that her relationship with a fellow South African housemate, Thabang, was genuine.

The relationship between the duo was one of the major talking points of the show.

She said, “I did not play Kanaga (Jnr). Our relationship was genuine. I don’t know of the viewers saw it, but we had some really deep conversations.”

She also stated that she liked another Nigerian housemate, Yemi Cregx.

She said, “I really liked him even though it was not the perfect situation. He always lifted me up whenever I was down. The day he left the show, I felt really bad. I felt like I would be stuck in the house with people who didn’t like me, because he was the one person I trusted to give me good advice sometimes.

“However, I had to remind myself that I am a strong and independent woman.”

The journalist also stated that the show taught her many things about herself.

Asked what her major strengths and weaknesses were, she said, “Some of my greatest weaknesses were being impatient and having a lot of self-doubt. When I was the ‘head of house’, I felt like I was not worthy of it.

However, I have learnt to constantly keep going. While in the house, there were always obstacles. And, that’s the same thing that happens in real life. Things might not always go ones way, but one has to pull oneself up and face the challenges.

“As for my strength, I always know how to put in a strong face. It was really hard for me, but every morning, I would get up and have a big smile on my face. But deep inside, I was struggling.”

On how she would explore her strength outside the house, she said, “I need to know that I’m worthy of whatever opportunity I get. I have been crowned by Africa.”

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