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How Portable Reacted To Wizkid Posting Him On His Instagram Story



Is Portable the most appreciative artiste in the music industry? Cause this is a big show of appreciation for just an Instagram story post.

Portable reaction to Wizkid’s posting was priceless and it has got a lot of Netizens wondering if Portable is so grateful to help like this, how come he fought so many helpers.

Recently, Portable got a huge surprise when Wizkid shared the British Fashion Show photo of Portable and Skepta on his Instagram story – See POST HERE

Wizkid, who rarely posts other artists on his platform, showed his appreciation and support for Portable by sharing his talent with his 18 million followers.

Portable was overjoyed by this gesture and took to his own Instagram page to express his gratitude.

Many fans and fellow artists congratulated Portable on this achievement and praised him for his hard work and talent.

They also encouraged him to keep making good music and to never give up on his dreams.

Video of Portable Reaction To Wizkid Posting Him On His Instagram Story has causes a lot of stir on social media.

See what others are saying;

Portable is Going Places no worry ❤️🙌


You have gone far brother, Iyeyeye onanana wizzzy o no ho my love 😍


@portablebaeby Grammy daddy ❤️otilo far far 🚀❤️‍🔥

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