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Have You Hurt Her? Check Out Four Ways To Get Your Woman To Forgive You Today



Have You Hurt Her? Check Out Four Ways To Get Your Woman To Forgive You Today


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There is no doubt at all that love is one of the most beautiful emotions you can feel.

The thought of someone being all yours, ready to give up so much for you, the butterflies flying, the happiness you just can’t explain.

However, just like every good thing, love also has its up and down, it can not be rosy, there are th0rny parts that you experience. There are flaws in each human and agreeing to date someone, is you subscribing freely to live with their flaws for a long time.

Hence, with the diverse flaws, there will definitely be arguments and fights. If not properly handled, the fights can lead to breakups and bigger issues.

For a man, there are ways you can appeal to that woman you love and issues would be resolved easily. Below are some ways:

Understand what went wrong

Please, do not shoot yourself in the foot by saying “I apologise for whatever you are angry about”. If you say that, then it can lead to bigger issues. The key to a good apology is letting your lover understand you know what you have done wrong, it ensures a sincere apology.

Apologise immediately

There is nothing so $eCy than a man who accepts his wrongdoings easily and immediately. Whatever hard guy you plan to showcase, drop it when you are in the wrong and at times when you are not. When you hurt somebody, they have to decide whether or not to forgive you, you can’t do it for them. Full forgiveness takes time, it is a fragile process that can’t be rushed or faked. Forgiveness must be nurtured and attended to like a loved one on life support. So don’t think you have apologised, she has forgiven you. You need to give her time to get over the hurt, depending on what.

Be unconditional

There cannot be any qualifiers or strings attached to a genuine statement of remorse. It must be freely offered without expecting anything in return. Do things because you care about her and watch how she loves you intentionally. When issues come up, she finds it easy to move above them.

Answer her questions sincerely

As you initiate a sincere apology, be ready for the questions she will ask. It is normal to ask questions as she is able to understand the reasons for some actions, also to know if she needs to make changes in the way she approaches you. Avoid sarcasm. Sincere conversations and apologies make it easy to love each other better.


Source: TheGuardian


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