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Davido And I Sold 20 TVs From His Father’s House To Raise Money



Davido And I Sold 20 TVs From His Father’s House To Raise Money

Davido and Bred

Nigerian singer, B-Red has recounted how he and his cousin, Davido sold upto 20 TVs in his father’s house to raise funds for their music careers.

B-Red who appeared on Echo Room for an interview recalled how the music executive, Don Jazzy had offered to help them if only they can move back to Nigeria to begin their music careers.

Since they didn’t have any money of their own, they had decided to storm into Davido’s father’s house to sell off various TV in attempt to raise enough money.

According to him, they initially wanted to sell the car that was bought for Davido but then they realized that the car was in his father’s name.

B-Red said that he regrets doing that since, in retrospect, he considers it to be a form of disrespect to David’s father but as the same time, he’s glad he had done it.

In his words:

”Me and Davido wanted to sell all the cars in the house, but we couldn’t because the cars weren’t in our names. Davido’s father bought him Hyundai but luckily before we could sell it he had already changed the car documents to his name. We couldn’t sell off the cars but we sold up to 16 to 17s TV plus 3 TVs from the basement.

I busted Davido’s father’s house and we sold 20 TVs from his father’s house.

I regret doing all these things but at the same time, I am happy. I regretted it because of the disrespect, but at the same time I am happy I did it”.

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