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Davido Aide, Dre DMW Calls Out Sam Larry, Shares New Wounded Photo Of Lat3 Mohbad



Dre DMW, a member of Davido’s crew, speaks out against the controversial figure, Sam Larry, while sharing an image of the lat3 Mohbad with a visible injury on his face.

The call for justice in the wake of Mohbad’s untimely passing persists, with suspicions directed at Sam Larry, who had previously ass@ulted the singer.

In his expression of gri3f over the loss of the 27-year-old artist, Dre DMW strongly condemns Larry’s aggr3ssive behavior, venting his frustration. He goes on to implore the spirit of Mohbad to haunt anyone who remains silent in the pursuit of justice.

In a series of Instagram story posts featuring a photo of Mohbad with a facial !njury from when he was still alive, Dre DMW writes:

“May your spirit not forgive us if we don’t take corrective action against those who did all this to you, in Jesus’ name. Sam Larry? Alright!

There’s no need for anyone to keep pretending like this. If you have the courage, let’s confront this issue head-on. Is this a matter of pure audacity, or am I missing something here? Who’s with me? Alright, let’s set aside the talk for now.”

View his posts below:

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