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Chizoba Wigwe Biography: Age, Tribute, Net Worth, Parents, State Of Origin, Wikipedia



Chizoba Wigwe Biography: The late Group Managing Director and CEO of Access Bank Plc left an indelible mark on the corporate world. The funeral rites commenced on Monday with a ceremony titled “Herbert Wigwe: Celebrating Professional Excellence” at Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

Chizoba Wigwe Biography

Chizoba Wigwe Biography

Chizoba Wigwe’s Net Worth

At the time of her untimely demise, Chizoba Wigwe’s net worth stood at an impressive $75 million. This substantial wealth was a testament to her remarkable career achievements.

Chizoba Wigwe’s Parents

Chizoba was born to the late Chief Cyprian Chukwuemeka Nwuba, a distinguished chartered accountant who served in influential roles at Shell Petroleum Development Company and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Her mother, a senior public servant in the education ministry, added to the family’s legacy of excellence.

Chizoba Wigwe’s State of Origin

Born on August 15, 1985, in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Chizoba Wigwe was proud of her roots. Her birthplace shaped her values and contributed to her success in the corporate world.

To honour Chizoba Wigwe’s legacy, let’s delve deeper into her life and impact on the business landscape.

Chizoba Wigwe: A Trailblazer’s Journey

Chizoba’s career trajectory was nothing short of extraordinary. From her early days in Akwa Ibom to climbing the corporate ladder, she displayed unparalleled determination and resilience.

Chizoba Wigwe Tribute

The Night of Tributes held at Eko Hotel was poignant, celebrating Chizoba’s professional excellence. Colleagues, friends, and family shared heartfelt stories, highlighting her contributions to Access Bank and the broader financial sector.

Exploring Chizoba’s Philanthropic Ventures

Beyond her corporate success, Chizoba was known for her philanthropic efforts. From supporting education initiatives to championing women’s empowerment, she used her influence for positive change.

Chizoba Wigwe’s Lasting Legacy

Chizoba’s legacy goes beyond her net worth; it’s about the lives she touched and the pathways she paved for future leaders. Her commitment to excellence inspires aspiring professionals.


Q1: What was Chizoba Wigwe’s net worth?

A1: Chizoba Wigwe’s net worth was approximately $75 million when she passed.

Q2: Where was Chizoba Wigwe born?

A2: Chizoba Wigwe was born in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, on August 15, 1985.

Q3: What were Chizoba Wigwe’s parents’ professions?

A3: Chizoba’s father, Chief Cyprian Chukwuemeka Nwuba, was a chartered accountant, and her mother served as a senior public servant in the education ministry.


In commemorating Chizoba Wigwe’s life, we celebrate her professional achievements and her impact on society. From a humble beginning in Akwa Ibom to becoming a financial luminary, Chizoba’s journey inspires us all. As we bid farewell, let us carry forward her legacy of excellence and compassion.

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