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Bobrisky Mocks Prophetess Who Said She Won’t Live to See 2019



Bobrisky Mocks Prophetess Who Said She Won’t Live to See 2019





Idris Okunneye aka Bobrisky has mocked a prophetess who had said she will not live to see the end of 2019.


Bobrisky tagged the prophetess fake, saying in spite of her prophecy, she is still alive today and currently living in good health.


She urged the prophetess to look for another hustle with a promise to help her advertise online.


In a now-deleted post, Bobrisky wrote: “Where is that fake prophetess that said I won’t live to see 2019 that year, we are in 2021 now. You better go and find another hustle!! Maybe start frying Akara at Abule junction, I will help you influence it. Useless people, Scammers everywhere.”


Recall that the  controversial crossdresser recently cried out about being blackmailed by someone he helped on social media.


He wrote: Someone is trying to blackmail me emotionally. And I’m hurt 😢 I gave him 200k, paid his ticket, hotel bills and feeding and later promise him to hold on that I will still do more. Dis dude sent me a message that he will go to Instagram and tell people I only gave him 200k and I haven’t balance him yet. Firstly are you mad ? I’m I your relative, na me born you ? Did anyone gave me money to give you ? See me see wahala damn. Never blame people for not helping o ! People have show them pepper. Well I bobrisky won’t stop helping… even if I meet 1million ungrateful people I will always help.




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