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Be Careful With Your Sim That Receives Your Alerts, See More



Be Careful With Your Sim That Receives Your Alerts, See More


I do what we call wire-wire, wire-wire is also called SIM transaction, so sim transaction is local wire.

“Any alert SIM I come across, with any bank, I can work on it and do transaction on it, I can withdraw, recharge and get loan on it”.

Interrogator – “Explain to me now, how you do it?”

Suspect – “If I’m given an alert SIM, I’ll press *425*100#, this will show the bank the owner of the SIM is using”.

“If the Bank is Access Bank, then I’ll dial *901*00#, it will show the account balance of the person, if I want to reset the PIN, it will ask for the account number of the person and Date of birth”.

Interrogator – “How will you know the account number and Date of birth of the person?”

Suspect – “The account number, some do save it on their contacts and some don’t, so if I see the account number on the contact, I will use the person’s BVN to bring out all their details”.

Interrogator – “How will you get someone’s details through their BVN?”

Suspect – “I’ll dial *565*0#, so when all the details are revealed, I’ll now register with the Bank of the person involved and I can carry out my transfers”.

Interrogator – “So you will change the PIN of the person right?”

Suspect – “Yes I’ll change the person’s PIN, I’ll input account number and Date of birth, then it will prompt me to create PIN, then that’s the PIN I’ll be using to do transfer”.

Interrogator – “What if there’s no money in the account?”

Suspect – “If it’s salary account, when there’s no money in the account, I can use it to collect loan”.

Interrogator – “What’s the maximum amount of loan you can borrow?”

Suspect – “There are some that are 15,000, some 20,000 and others 5,000 Naira loans”

Interrogator – “Can you operate with any other SIM apart from SIM used in receiving Bank alerts?”

Suspect – “No, it’s only SIM used in receiving alerts” “No matter how hard the code may be I’ll break it, if it’s used to receive alerts”… “I’ve done some demonstration here too”.

Interrogator – “So if I give you my SIM used in receiving bank alerts now, you can do anything with it?”

Suspect – “Yes, I can do any transaction with it”.

Interrogator – “Where will you transfer the money to?”

Suspect – “I do open no trace account” “I’ll transfer it to that account” “We call it AZA”

Interrogator – “How do you open such accounts and how can you transfer into such accounts?”

Suspect – “I can use anyone’s BVN to create another account that will be “no trace account” “I can transfer into another person account and it’s the person that will be sought after, not me”.

Take Note And Report Missing Or Stolen Phone Immediately To The Police And Your Bank

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