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Afropop Artist Tyla Narrates How Fame Denies Her Some Privileges



Afropop Artist Tyla Narrates How Fame Denies Her Some Privileges

South African sensation Tyla, in an interview on The Dotty Show, opened up about the price of fame and what it has cost her.

Being famous has its benefits as well as setbacks. The setbacks include loss of privacy, increased security, emotional tolls, and much more.

Fame comes at a high price, and many artists may not know what they are giving up when they embark on the journey of fame. South African Afropop starlet Tyla recently guest starred on Apple Music’s The Dotty Show, where she spoke about what it’s like to be a famous global hit ‘Water‘, her ambitions for world dominance, and her debut album.

Before she was an international pop star, Tyla Laura Seethal was just a normal girl from Johannesburg. Now she’s an overnight TikTok sensation. T

he price of fame comes with a huge constraint on freedom. Tyla stated,

“There’s this theme park in South Africa called Gold Reef City. I can’t go, I can’t. It’s a whole thing. In general, I can’t just make decisions like this. I can’t say, let me go here, let go there. Like it has to be a whole thing, which is something I need to get used to”.

Tyla asserted that she needs to inform many parties, such as her manager, drivers, and security before she is allowed to go anywhere.

“It’s like I am living in a movie”. Fame costs artists to hide their identity. Paparazzi and fans often hound celebrities when they spot them on the streets. During her interview, Tyla conveyed that she can no longer dress casually because of the public’s tendency to mock celebrities.

“I’m the type of person to just go to the shop wearing two different shoes, like two different socks, hoodie messy hair, like I’m that type of person, but I can’t do that anymore because I mean, any picture, hey, you have to be on point. But I mean, it’s what comes with it”

Tyla achieved a milestone as “Water” climbed to No. 1 on Billboard’s U.S. Afrobeats Songs chart.

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