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Actress Georgina Onuoha Slams FFK For Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine Months After Saying It Is Evil



Actress Georgina Onuoha Slams FFK For Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine Months After Saying It Is Evil



FFK, Georgina Onuoha

Popular Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha took to social media to drag former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, after he took the COVID-19 vaccine, months after describing it as evil.

FFK on several occasions in 2020 spoke against the COVID19 vaccine, saying it was evil and ”Gates killer vaccine”. It came as a surprise to many Nigerians on Tuesday, March 30 when he took his first jab of the vaccine.

Georgina was appalled by his actions and took to her Instagram page to drag him as well as clergyman, Chris Oyakhilome.

 Read her post below;

”So this piece of shit called @real_ffk for months mislead millions of Nigerians by instilling fears in them regarding the coronavirus and the vaccine that followed.

He lied and mislead them. Made various false statements and conspiracy theories about the vaccine and virus, yet he is one of the first to get the vaccine?

When people like me call out these good for nothing touts and thugs parading themselves as politicians and Christians, many will say you have no respect for your elders.

Yeah these are the kind of the wayward elders who put personal gains and power ahead of the common good of their people.

Any sane person still believing this man or Pastor Chris Oyakilome of Christ Embassy needs help.

Need I remind you that Pastor Chris for months spewed lies about this virus and came up with many unfounded lies and misinformation regarding this virus. I’m that his TV stations in England and else where are being fined for lies , misinformation and disinformation.

Dear Ginafam, put science first and stop listening to all these fake pastors and prophets. They should focus on preaching love and leave science alone hence they all don’t have a degree of any sought in medical science.

Please the virus is real. If you have the opportunity to get the vaccine, please do and make your own informed decision regarding your health and wellbeing.

Never take miscreants like @real_ffk serious. Agbaya ati oluya ni e Kani Fayode. Most of them can afford to fly to Europe and Dubia for vaccine tourism which most of you can not afford.

 Ask questions, call your doctors ask questions, do a little research and make your informed decision. An informed patient is an empowered patient.”


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