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5 Ways You Can Wear And Style Your Dark Jeans



Dark jeans are some of the most versatile possession any man or woman can have, especially if you know what to wear them with and how to wear them. DARK denims are unmistakable fashion items that everyone should have as they can fit into almost all casual and semi-casual events.

If you’re still wondering how best you can wear and style your dark denims, here are five ways that you can never go wrong with them.
The Casual Friday Look
Another good place to wear your navy blue or dark jeans to is casual Fridays. Wearing dark denims with a navy- or red-and-white Gingham shirt, casual suede desert boots, and brown leather can help to create a balance between casual and formal, which is a smart way to keep things conservative in your workplace.
Wearing different shades of blue outfits is also a smart way to go as they can blend in well together. Navy blue jeans with a pale blue shirt and medium-blue outer layer will give you a smart look.
During The Hot Season
The fact that you decide to rock your dark denims in the hot season doesn’t mean you have to be worried. It can pair nicely with a crisp white T-shirt and simple white plimsolls. You can flash part of your ankle by pin-rolling your jeans.
If you’d be going to the beach, choose to wear a white linen shirt and loafers with them. Pin-roll your dark jeans to the ankle, to help you have the classic summer look.

To The Bar
Going to hang out at the bar with your friends means you have to look as casual as possible. That however doesn’t mean you have to dust-off a decade-old T-shirt and those baggy, daggy dad jeans that you’ve not worn in ages.
You can look relaxed with a plaid flannel shirt that comes in a number of different colour combinations or choose to wear a simpler light chambray shirt which can be accompanied by an oversized pull-over, field jacket, or thick knit jumper in neutral colours. Wear a smart pair of boots or more laid-back sneakers to complete your appearance.
Date Nights
If you’re going out on a date with your partner, one of the coolest fashion statements is to go for a smart-casual appearance. This can be achieved with a slim, smart, dark denim that can be worn along with a tee shirt.
You can choose to pair your jeans with a crisp white Oxford shirt, which should also be a wardrobe staple for you or in the alternative have a soft pink or blue B.utton-down. Wearing a blazer over the top, and a brogue boot or braided belt can help you add some texture to your total appearance.
As A Streetwear
Wearing your dark jeans along with a graphic tee and statement sneakers, a raglan tee and Vans for that skateboarder look, a grungy bomber with heavy boots, or a white tee and a leather jacket for that vintage vibe are some of the few ways you can rock your dark denims as a streetwear. The beauty of the versatile navy jean can be seen in how well it combines with whatever street style you look best in.

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