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2021 Ramadan Timetable Recommended



2021 Ramadan Timetable Recommended

In Shaa Allah, Ramadan is starting next week. May Allah count us among those that will witness the glorious month in peace, wealth and sound health (Ameen). Part of the good preparation for the glorious month is to highlight good deeds that could be done during the month with the aim of drawing maximum rewards from Allah. In essence, it is recommended to set a routine or timetable like the below ones.

The below presentation adapted from Darul Ihsan offers a practical and suggested routine that one may adopt during Ramadan. You might want to formulate yours in the same way:

1. Eat Sohur

Partake in the early morning meal (Sohur). This is a Sunnah practice that contains abundant blessings and rewards. The Prophet (May peace be upon him) said, “Eat Suhor, because in it, lies great blessings” (Bukhari, Muslim).

2. Observe Tahajjud

Plan your time in such a way that you are able to perform 4-8 Rakahs of Tahajjud and make Dua during this time. The Prophet (May peace be upon him) said “The Dua in the darkness of the night (after performing Tahajjud) is readily accepted by Allah” (Tirmdhi).

3. Observe Fajr

Perform Fajr Salah with congregation at the Masjid and recite morning Adhkars. Participate in the lesson or talks conducted in the Masjid with the intention to seek beneficial knowledge and practice. Engage in Dhikr till sunrise.

4. Perform Ishraq

Avoid sleeping immediately after fajr and engage in Quran recitation. Perform 4 Rakahs Ishraq after sunsine. One may then sleep thereafter.

5. Sunnah of Duha and Zawwal

When the sun is brightly up, perform 4 Rakahs Duha and after Zawwal, perform 4 Rakahs Sunnah of Zawwal

6. Dua at the time of Zawwal

Take a few moments to make dua at the time of Zawwal as this is also recorded as a time of acceptance.

7. Observe Zuhr

Perform Zuhr in congregation. If possible, allocate few minutes to engage in Quran recitation. Participate in any educational program taking place (like Tafseer). Have a short rest with the intention of the afternoon sleep which is Sunnah (Islam is beautiful).

8. Observe Asr

Perform Asr in congregation. The time between between Asr and Magrib is very valuable especially for recitation of Quran. If possible, remain in the the Masjid till Magrib. The time close to iftar is a time when duas are accepted. Attend Tafseer. Sisters should you use this time to prepare what we are going to eat in Iftor grin.

9. Observe Magrib

Observe Magrib in congregation. Before or after meals, read from virtues of Ramadan or other useful literature. Prepare for Ishai and Tarawiyy.

10. Observe Ishai

Make sure you perform Ishai and Tarawiyy in congregation.

11. After Tarawiyy

Avoid wasting time and hanging out with friends e.t.c. Read your Quran.

N.B: This is however just a suggestion. You may plan your time personally or independently of the above. The aim is only to fetch maximum rewards during the month.

Source: Darul Ihsan

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