What Do You Understand By Reverts? By Sanusi Abdul Sule

REVERTS: this are people that convert into Islam, from other religions, they are people of with immense faith (IMAN) and strength, to their family and all they have just to come into Islam.

To give light and brightness to their life and in remembrance of Allah (S.W.T). But where we are now in the society most especially in northern part of Nigeria (AREWA). The reverts are been mistreated, People are sending them away they don’t want them close to them, Who are you to look down at someone who Allah (S.W.T) has purify and refine them like new born baby has no record of sin, you are no one to treat them badly never use an abusive word to them, have you forgotten that the companions of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PB UH) were also reverts they converted to Islam and fought tirelessly in every battle for the honor of Islam and the rasool (S.A.W).

It so obnoxious how we are been barbaric to them, Parents can’t give their daughters hand in marriage to reverts men and also stop their sons from marrying the revert women ‘’SUBHANALLAH’’.

If you know you are someone with such attitude towards the revert you should better change right here right now, you are committing a great sin to look down at someone who left his background to seek for the pleasure of Allah (S.W.T) they are people with best of faith (IMAN) than the majority of us that were born in Islam.

Cause we didn’t strive to get into the religion we just grew up and find ourselves as Muslims most of us don’t care at all in acquiring Islamic knowledge, they have immense strength to search for knowledge and ready to go round the world to seek for knowledge and practice the den this is something most of us that were born in Islam don’t care to gain. PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PB UH) SAYS ‘’A white has no superiority over a black nor does a black has superiority over a white expect by piety our good deeds’.

’Same applies to someone born and raised in Islam he has no superiority over the revert and the revert has no superiority over the born Muslim expect by piety or good deeds. Revert are people that have been forgiving by Allah (S.W.T). You have no right to discriminate them in the society ‘’Remember your faults when you want to mention others fault’’

Always try to be a person of simplicity wither you are a revert or born Muslim, Living as a stranger, a nomad and a traveler where you don’t hurt others and never forget the Reverts are our brethren try not to have the intention of mistreating them hypothetically we should show love to them and exchange gifts this will bring love for one another cause modesty brings nothing expect good. To develop our religion we have to put all hands on deck At this point I pray may Allah (S.W.T) unite us all, with our brethren, People who are united can never be defeated.



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