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We Are To Take Care Of Ourselves Before Someone Cares To Take Care Of Us – Mr. Sanusi Abdul Sule



We have been complaining of insecurity challenges for the past ten years or more in Nigeria, specifically the country’s northern region. It started as a joke at first: the boko haram in the north east, bomb blast we normally watch on our TV screen, became normal to our hearing for those who are not affected by it. But, for the injured victims and those who lost loved ones, it is more than just hearing it was devastating. Those days we were shouting our leaders are k!lling us, President Jonathan is k!lling our brother’s, and Good luck must go.

President Jonathan left in 2015. So the new president-elect we have been calling will secure the country in the person of President Muhammad Buhari came in power and start taking major actions on boko haram, to the extent of taking the army headquarters Maiduguri. One morning banditry news was everywhere; now it is the North West.

Okay, I just said all this for us to reflect a bit. So my question here is, are we to take care of ourselves, love each other, or do the government do all this for us? Think.


When I was growing up, the brotherhood within northerners was beyond explanation; it was the north where selfless people live when I say selfless, I mean, one priority is his brother’s problems over his.
From the history I have read and heard of, the colonial masters met us as united people with culture, knowledge and leadership.

But now, we have become enemies of one another in the fight to seek wealth. Now we are the ones giving information to our enemies, the bandits, to attack or kidnap people of our communities.

This is what I mean that we have no love for one another; years back, when a community was facing challenges, neighbouring communities put all hands on desks to solve the problem of one another.


Village heads and wards heads have played a vital role in our communities; they monitor the movement of the people within the communities. They have people that bring information to them about who has come in and who has left.

It is unfortunate to hear these leaders who were vigilant in making sure their people were safe and sound are among those giving information to bandits and other terrorist organisations.

The emir responsible for the appointment of these community leaders, I am calling upon them to choose people with integrity and credibility, not those who bring some tokens to the palace.


In the northern communities, I knew that a child is more afraid of the elders and neighbours in the community than his legitimate parents. He knows they have the right to discipline him and report him back to his parent whenever he is found misbehaving.

Now, parent’s burn to ashes of anger when their child reports to them that someone in the community disciplines him for his misbehaving.

Parent rush to fight the person and warn him not to be concerned about their child’s behaviour or misconduct.

The parent should put eyes on their children, and they should ask them questions to draw them closer to advice and understand their friends, movement and thought. The parent should also monitor the gadgets their children are using. If they see them with things they did not buy, they should question and be sure of the source.

Today this is what I think we need to understand. Looking at this point of mine, we know that we are to take care of ourselves before someone cares for us. We should love one another and solve our differences; from then no one will have the courage to attack our communities. It’s time we stop complaining, be vigilant, and always give information to the security personnel close to us.



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