An undergraduate student of the University of Ibadan, Mr. Anyanwu Kingsley, has been expelled from the University of Ibadan for insulting the Vice Chancellor and some other members of the institution’s Senate committee.
Mr. Kingsley, a 200 level student of Geology, was expelled at the sitting of the University of Ibadan Central Students Disciplinary Committee on Tuesday, March 07, 2017, for insulting the Vice Chancellor of the University during the period of the #FreeMote campaign by the University of Ibadan Students.
According to the Students’ Union President, Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi, he said he was pained for he was prevented from seeking entrance to the meeting. He added that though the victim was alleged of insulting the Vice Chancellor and some other members of the institution, his presence would have lessened the punishment and corrected some things that went wrong during the meeting.
“For me, it is unfortunate that I could not attend that sitting, things wouldn’t have gone that bad, you know nobody can do it the way you would do it. As the President of the Students’ Union, I can’t say I want to talk and someone will shut me up, it is just unfortunate that I could not attend” , he said.
Talking about why he could not attend, he said that “although not very legal, but the legal unit said that I would be denied the privilege of attending the meeting because I have disciplinary issues myself. If I was there, I could have been able to properly stand up for most of the things that went wrong.”
“He (Mr. Kingsley) was the one that insulted the Vice Chancellor,  the Senate and some other things like that.”
“They alleged that he has been to a University before and he was sent out of the University, but he claimed that he left the University because he got a better offer in UI”, he added.
Attempts to connect with Mr. Kingsley was futile as at the time of this report, as his number was switched off.
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