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The Movie “Agesinkole” King Of Thieves By Femi Adebayo



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The new movie “Agesinkole” translated as King Of Thieves, was formerly titled as “OG0ndabeje” which the initiates inform the Producer of the film, Femi Adebayo to change the title because OG0ndabeje didn’t mean what he’s trying to say.

It’s out on Cinemas from 8th April – 14th April, 2022.

Agesinkole is still in cinema for now which is not released officially but here in NaijaSureGuys. We will narrate the movie to our readers.

Summary of the movie speaks on;

  1. The Thieves
  2. The King
  3. The Chiefs
  4. The Culture
  5. The Villagers
  6. The terrestrial people with power
  7. Hunters

We will be taking it one after the other below;

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  1. The Thieves: These are set of people disturbing the villagers stealing from them and k!lling of the villages. They have their reasons for doing that but this was not stated from the beginning at the end of the movie highlight shall be known to us.

2. The King: The King is worried about the villagers whereas the Thieves are k!lling and stealing from them after taking the throne.

3. The Chiefs: The Chiefs are the set of people dictating with the King to stop the k!lling and stealing from the villagers. Bur the Chiefs are the cause of the issue from their forefathers in bringing the name OG0ndabeje.

4. Culture: The culture of the village is whoever is caught stealing shall be killed by a snake.

5. The Villagers: The Villagers are the people living in the village and people affected by the thieves.

6. The terrestrial people with power: These are the people that are very powerful which the King got his power but they are unable to defeat the Thieves. They are like six set of people that are very powerful in the movie which are; W!tches, Spirit, W!zard, OG0n, Sango, and De@eth.

7. Hunters: These are set of people called on to fight for the village defeating the Thieves. But they said they are just hunters, they can’t fight the thieves. But at the end of the movie, is one of them able to face the thieve which is OG0ntade. OG0ntade is not able to defeat the King of the Thieves but he defeated the warriors working for the thieves.

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Why Is The King Of The Thieves Killing and ste@l!ing from the people of Ajeromi?

The King of the Thieves is one a Prince from the Forefathers of the village, when he was about taking the throne, he was said, to steal which the Oracle Odu that come out for him is “OG0ndabeje”. Meaning “King of thieves “ste@l!ing”.

The Prince stated he can’t do it but the Chief of the Forefathers persuaded him, he should in order to take the throne.

After he considered doing it, he was caught along the line, which the rule of the Village says “anyone caught stealing shall be killed by a snake”.

The Prince was caught and he’s trying to help himself out saying the chiefs are aware of this but no one is believing him.

He was killed by the snake at last, but he later come out powerful and come for revenge. That’s how the name “Agesinkole” King Of The Thieves derived.

He was the one that surrendered himself and change the rule of the village not to be k!lling of people stealing because they are hungry. That’s why they are stealing.

He said, if they go against his rule, he will come back.

This Movie starring Big Actors and actresses; Femi Adebayo, Odunlade Adekola, Adedimeji Lateef, Toyin Abraham, Broda Shaggi, Mr. Marcaroni, Peju OG0nmola, Ibrahim Chatta, Itele, Kunle Afod, Okunnu, Dele Odule, Oga Bello and many more.

This movie was highlighted and composed first at NaijaSureGuys.

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