Story: Mission Impossible (Part 10)

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine .
Mr Mike tried covering his banana but was prevented from doing so.the guys just stood there making jest of him and using the tip of their gun to toy with his banana dingling like that of a bell
1st Guy:ah baba lecturer ye ma baje gan(this lecturer must be very spoilt)bros i greet o 2nd Guy: oya lets go outside

Mr Mike: outside! ah(collapse)
2nd Guys:guys make we comot…they left the lecture hall before the whole students started shouting.some where laughing while most girls were crying as we all surrounded the unconcious lecturer,some students were taking photos of him.the security finally surfaced,they ask what had happened,trust students,they narrated the story to them.they revived mr mike and took him out of the lecture hall. The news spreed round the campus like burning fire with body asked me anything about the incident,they thought those guys just came to my rescue due to the harrassment was too much,they all blamed mr mike for taking pleasure in harrassing a student(me) each time for no just reason,some were like “shey nah fashion we come skul 4! anybody can wear anything to the lecture hall as far as the cloth is covering the person’s nakedness”.the truth is that the man just hate me and like making fun in class using me for no just reason because am always neat to lectures,just that my dressing code is too simple.

When i met matchety i was just too glad.i thanked him for everything and he said its all not his plan,the capon did.i was excited.when we got to meeting that night i thanked them friendship with matchety grew,we became very close like brothers and this moved on well.i also made friends with skipper a guy on campus but i never knew he belong to a cult called “ELVIS” one of the hardcore enemies of BLACK MEN and as for mr mike i never saw him on campus again.

i got into my year 2 in school(my year 1 result was cool) and to crown it all we are about writing our final exams for year 2 self.

 Am now a big boy.i dont lack anything again because the black men don’t play little shits,we deal with politicans.we work for politicans or big businessmen and get heavy pay.what do you think when i said we work for politicans? Well i just meant that we help them do their dirty works like eliminating their enemies,though i had not killed yet but i had been promised that i would take part in the next business to come. I was in my lodge playing ps 2 games with matchety as we bragged to deal with each other Matchety:after today eh if u see me u wont want to play game again
Me:abeg make i hear,u too make mouth,i go finish u today(dont get surprised i now speak foul english(pidgin)that’s one of the bad thing u learn when u start associating with bad friends and when u join the wrong people) Matchety:eh.wu dey tok,see d bad R2 i dey play u na
Me:how many goals u don use am score,u nor dey see as i dey carry my keeper catch ur R2? No worry i go begin carry post for u now Matchety:u say u go do wetin
Me:i go dey shift post,na cheat be that Matchety:make i hear,shift wetin,no be only cheat na chat Me:how u go take no when u just start game yesterday Matchety: da ke jawe(keep shut jawe) Me:see my goal here(he paused the game)u dey craze? why you go pause when i wan score u Matchety: o ma sheybi ode(you would be acting like a fool)person dey call me(dip his hand into his trouser pocket)
Me:ta ni?(who?) Matchety: (brought his phone out of his pocket and picked the call)hello observe.what? When? Na which fraternity buy this market? Capon don know? Ok na i dey with sky…hang up
Me:wetin happen?
Matchety:ah sky
Me:na wetin na?
Matchety:butcher don off(die) he don rest in peace
Me:what?where,when,how,who do am? Matchety: observer say them just pa(kill) am few minutes ago
Me: (boiling)who and how and for where,talk na Matchety:na for campus,observer say na THE ELVIS kill am
Me: (stood up)ah,THE ELVIS don fuckuuup,dem don price market and them must buy am by go hurt again
Matchety:ah scores don count 0:1,na we get school na,na we dey decide tinz 4 we skul kom dey run am too.aaah(stood up too)this is time for blood.blood must to for blood.why ELVIS go dey win us 0:1 for we home again
Me:calm down.we go treat dem fuckupp
Matchety:you must be careful now because war has began…call came into my phone,it was capon,i picked it up
Me:capon e don red Capon:a mighty tree just fell Me:too bad Capon:a brother had just betrayed a brother.blood must go for blood

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