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Sikiboi’s “Something Beautiful” EP Review: The New Wave



He is back!! The “boy for the gyals ‘em” as he calls himself, Sikiboi, returns with a five-track EP that showcases his artistic versatility and vocal prowess. The EP weaves together sounds from the southern part of Nigeria, integrating the rhythmic complexities of eastern Nigerian drums with the electronic dance music (EDM) influences from Europe, all while evoking the nostalgic charm of 1900s serenades. This eclectic blend is a testament to Sikiboi’s commitment to innovation and his roots. The production quality and lyrical depth of this EP are commendable. Sikiboi collaborates with top-tier producers such as Eddiey, Don Kayz, Dr. Roy, and Mazi Spice, ensuring each track is a polished gem. Additionally, he enlists the extra production and writing credit by Abel LeadUs and Baroxx, with Baroxx also contributing executive producer and supplementary vocals for the EP.


  1. 1980s
  2. Found Love ft. D3AN (Remix)
  3. Don’t Go
  4. Roses
  5. Whine

Opening with a 1900s love story, Sikiboi merges retro vibes with contemporary beats, crafting a sound that is both timeless and avant-garde. The track is a nostalgic journey, reminiscent of past musical eras while firmly rooted in the present. It serves as a compelling introduction, setting the tone for the EP’s exploration of diverse sonic landscapes.

Found Love ft. D3AN (Remix):
In this remix, Sikiboi teams up with acclaimed Nigerian piano producer D3AN, transforming his hit “Found Love” into a vibrant, EDM-infused anthem. The track feels as if it were produced on the scenic beaches of Monaco, with its airy and invigorating vibe. This remix elevates the original, incorporating EDM elements that are seamlessly woven with Sikiboi’s distinctive vocals, reminiscent of a Calvin Harris production.

Don’t Go:
“Don’t Go” delves into themes of love and yearning, with Sikiboi’s emotive lyrics complemented by a production that draws from the rich cultural tapestry of Eastern Nigeria. Known for his playful persona, Sikiboi reveals a deeper, more sincere side in this track. It’s a poignant example of how Afropop can convey profound emotional narratives, blending cultural heritage with contemporary musicality.

“Roses” stands out as a quintessential wedding song, with its lush arrangements and evocative lyrics. Sikiboi demonstrates his lyrical dexterity, painting vivid pictures with his words. The track exudes romance and sensuality, highlighting Sikiboi’s ability to create deeply personal and relatable music. It’s a beautiful testament to his knack for storytelling and emotional expression.

The EP concludes with “Whine,” an upbeat, infectious track that compels listeners to dance. This celebratory anthem captures the essence of Afropop, with its vibrant energy and joyous rhythms. It’s a perfect closing note, encapsulating the spirit of life and celebration that is central to the genre.


“Something Beautiful” transcends being merely a collection of songs; it is a rich, auditory journey through various emotions, eras, and cultural expressions. Sikiboi has shown significant growth, maturing into a more nuanced and respected artist in the Afropop scene. This EP not only highlights his evolution but also cements his place as a dynamic force in contemporary music. As Sikiboi himself asserts, this is just the beginning, and the future looks exceedingly bright for this talented artist.

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