WAEC 2017/2018 Physics Obj & Essay Answers – May/June

April 8, 2017 NSG MEDIA 0

. VERIFIED PHYSICS OBJ1BBCADAAABB11BBDCBDCCCD21ABCDCCCDAC31ACCBCDAABC41AADDAADBDC=========== 1)decrease in height (h)increase in time (t)this shows that distance changes with time============ 2)given that U=15m3^-1R=U* sqr2h/gh=20mg=10R=15*sqr2*20/10R=15*sqr40/10R=15*sqr4R=15*2=30mR=30m=========== 3)i)Brownian motionii)Atomic sizeiii)Expansion=========== 4)L1=14cm

MUSIC: Dremo – Next Single

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