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An Open Letter To New TASUED SUG President




If God doesn’t build the house, the labourers labour in vain, once again I congratulate all the newly elected TASUEDSU 2017/2018 executives especially the Central Executive Council led by the Commander-in-Chief of Aluta Forces, Senator Bamidele Emmanuel.


Though the election is rough and tough but it has all gone but history keeps it record and don’t see your opponent has enemy, embrace them.

I will want the team Equipment-Movement to put aside their political differences, ideologies even caucus agenda for the successful running of this regime and for the interest of TASUEDITES you claim to protect.

Mr President Sir, I want you to know that “the house that stand against itself will not prosper”, you need to solidify your team and carry all your executives along in all your plans, also ensure you connect the students’ union arms of government together and let each arm exercise its constitutional duties without fear or favour. Thank God you have served as a Senator of this great citadel of learning and you are aware about the power tussle that occurred in the present administration between the Central Executive Council, Students’ Parliamentary Council and Students’ Judicial Council. I will want you to use your experience from the house to correct this abnormality.

Mr President Sir, your first mission now is the election of a credible vice-president, ensure the SPC follows the due process without breaching the law and put aside caucus agenda because TASUEDITES are watching!

 Permit me to remind you that “the names of EFCC & KAI nominees should be forwarded to the SPC for ratification on or before the first business meeting of the SPC, also you should prepare and submit the annual budget of the union to the SPC not later than six-weeks of resumption into the office in accordance with TASUEDSU Constitution 2009 as amended 2015 Section 8.”

Mr President Sir, hope you know the present state of the union building? That it is unpresentable and you need your team to rearrange all the offices to be in good shape, don’t forget some offices has no equipments, while some officers has no offices in the union building and reconnect the power supply.

Hope you haven’t forgotten the TASUEDSU Venture promised by you and other promises made by your executives?

Mr President Sir, don’t forget the lapses of the previous administration and always remember the 3C’s of Aluta, as the 10th TASUEDSU president elect your administration need to do some remarkable things to bring back the hope of TASUEDITES as our union will be celebrating ten years of struggle!

Mr President Sir, I direct this open-letter to you because ‘to whom much is given much is expected’ ensure the principle of check and balance in your administration and what do you want your regime to be remembered for?
I rest my pen here………

Yours in journalism,


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