Must Read: Lies Told About JAMB Examination And The Very Truth



1. Passing Jamb On Your Own

LIE: You cannot pass Jamb on your own.

TRUTH: You can pass Jamb on your own. With little effort, you are good to go.

2. Difficulty Of Jamb Examination

LIE: Jamb examination is very difficult and they are wicked.

TRUTH: Jamb examination is not as difficult as it is painted by so many persons. Jamb usually give out syllabus.

They (Jamb) have never set questions outside their syllabus. If you can go through their syllabus then you are good to go. Jamb is not difficult.

3. Reading The Recommended Books

LIE: You will fail if you don’t read the books recommended by Jamb.

TRUTH: Recently, Jamb started recommending compulsory novels for the use of English. Also, they give literature students list of novels to read. It is imperative you go through the compulsory novels.

Jamb also gives list of books to read for other subjects. Now, it is not compulsory you get them. There are better textbooks better than the ones recommended by Jamb.

In conclusion, apart from the compulsory novels, you do not need to read other Jamb recommended books to pass. In fact, I can’t remember using any of their recommended texts during my Jamb days.

4. Intelligent Students Fail Jamb

LIE: Intelligent students fail Jamb more. For you to pass Jamb, don’t read too much. Just live a normal life.

TRUTH: Whether you are intelligent or not, you can still fail Jamb.
All you need to do is understand what Jamb requires from you. I have already treated this in my article on the 10 reasons why people fail Jamb woefully. You may want to read it here .

5. Repeating Past Questions

LIE: Jamb always repeats past questions word for word.

TRUTH: It is true that Jamb repeats past question. However, it is not usually word for word. They sometimes twist the question so that the answers changes. Take note of this!

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6. Cramming

LIE: Just cram past questions and you will pass Jamb.

TRUTH: Just cram past questions and you will fail Jamb.

7. Sending Answers During Jamb Examination

LIE: You don’t need to read, just pay and you will get answers via SMS.

TRUTH: It used to be true. However things have changed. You can actually get answers sent to you on the exam day. But how credible? I can pick a phone and manipulate options, then send to you.
Let me tell you a story! In 2013, so many persons paid for Jamb answers.
The morning of the Jamb examination, they were sent answers. The answers came in Paper type A to E. Getting to the Jamb exam hall, they were so confident that they have killed Jamb 2013.
Lo and behold, Jamb paper type for the exam came in colors instead of the normal paper types. The options were; Type Yellow, Type Green, Type Red and so on.

8. Past Question
LIE: Don’t use past question to study.

TRUTH: You must study along with Jamb past questions.

9. Jamb Expo Center
LIE: Jamb expo center exists for Jamb examination.

TRUTH: Since the recent jamb CBT update , Jamb expo centers have gone extinct.

Jamb has mandated CCTV Cameras to be installed in all CBT centers. This will reduce Cheat!ng drastically.

However, if you have the opportunity to ask your neighbor questions, you may want to do that sharply.

10. Does Jamb Intentionally Fail Candidates?

LIE: Jamb fails candidates intentionally. They are very wicked.

TRUTH: Jamb doesn’t know you and will not intentionally fail you.

11. Wrote Well But Still Failed
LIE: A lot of persons write very well in Jamb but still fail.

TRUTH: You may feel that you wrote very well, however you may be wrong. The answer you feel is correct may not turn out to be the right one. You can be “rightfully wrong”.

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12. Negative Marking
LIE: Jamb does negative marking.

TRUTH: Jamb has not said anything about that.

13. Jamb Examination Result Upgrade

LIE: You can upgrade your Jamb result after the release.

TRUTH: Most persons deceive Jamb candidates in the name of result upgrade by giving false evident. However, Jamb result upgrade is not practically possible.

14. Jamb Score

LIE: All you need is to score 200.

TRUTH: Jamb is now a very important factor in gaining admission. Passing Jamb is no longer what matters. All that matters is your Ability to get a very high Jamb score.

15. Jamb Admission Status

LIE: Jamb admits and not the institution you chose.

TRUTH: The school sends the list of admitted students to Jamb. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board then uploads it and prepares admission letter.

16. Jamb Lectures

LIE: You will fail if you don’t attend jamb tutorials.

TRUTH: Jamb tutorial is very good and I will recommend you attend any good one around you. However, it doesn’t mean you will pass or fail Jamb. It is a matter of choice.

17. How many Hours to Study for Jamb

LIE: Study for so long and very hard.

TRUTH: Study very wise. Wisdom is the principal thing.

18. Gaining Admission With Your First Jamb

LIE: It is not possible to gain admission into the University in your first attempt.

TRUTH: It is easier to gain admission into the University with your first Jamb because you are/were hotter.

19. Jamb Will Change Your Course

LIE: Jamb will not give you the desired course.

TRUTH: You will get the course of study that you merit.

20. Feel Free To Add Yours…….

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