Exposed: Chinese Website Where You Can Order For Nigeria’s Pvcs

While Nigeria is preparing to elect their leaders in the 2019 General elections,s a scary revelation has been uncovered and it is about Chinese sites where you can order PVCs.

According to Twitter user @olufisiayomi whose aim for the tweet is to know what the implications for this ‘black market’ deal is for Nigeria and what gives the right for this, he has already confirmed that the PVCs are indeed sold on popularly Chinese online store ‘Alibaba’.

His tweets which came with a link to sites reads;

Not to be an alarmist, please I found a post saying our PVCs are available on Chinese sites…so I went on myself & confirmed this. I am only trying to know if this should be possible, what @inecnigeria plans to do about this & if govt knows about it.

Please guys, I don’t need the usual doomsday alarms on this post, I genuinely want to know what the implications are & what gives the right for this. If at all. Constructive & straightforward responses pls

@OgbeniDipo @Mr_JAGs @yojora @Osi_Suave can anyone riddle me this? Guys abeg I need your thoughts on this, urgently too

I beg you guys genuinely, let us not spread panic with this post. We DON’T need this at this time. This is a genuine research for genuine answers so it can be immediately addressed if need be. I beg of you guys, DONT ride on this to spread panic. Thank you.

For any doubters, follow this link here:

However a fellow Twitter user who confirmed the story above, disclosed that the company behind the PVCs is known as ACT technologies. According to @dondekojo, they snatched the Card reader contract from Zinox. His tweets reads;

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The Company you guys are looking for is ACT technologies. Small Nigerian Company with Big God and Chinese Partners @DoubleEph @olufisiayomi. They also snatched the Card reader contract from Zinox. Was hurriedly put together before the contract and isn’t even. Registered with NCS

FEC Gave the Card reader Contract to Zinox, INEC argued independence and re-awarded to the same small ACT they gave PVC contract. This technology company doesn’t even have a website last time I checked.

Their address in Abuja is fake. 15 Ganges Street, Ministers Hill, Maitama, Abuja FCT. If you’re bored and in Abuja tomorrow, check it out. They may set up shop quickly by tomorrow morning though

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