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2 Thieves Arrested For Stealing N70,000 From Betting Shop In Imo (Photo)




The thieves after they were arrested

The thieves after they were arrested


Policemen in Imo state have arrested two suspected armed robbers for stealing from a football betting shop.


They were yesterday paraded for allegedly robbing a football betting shop and stole the sum of N70,000 at Chukwuma Nwaoha in Owerri Municipal Council, Imo state.


The suspects who were paraded at the Imo state Police headquarters, were all males, Stanley Anozie, a 27-year-old man, from Ugiri Obollo in Isiala Mbano local government area and Peter Uzochukwu from Uba Ifekala in Mbaitoli local government area all from Imo state.


Speaking to Vanguard, one of the suspects, Anozie claimed that he was deceived by one “Sky ” who led them in the robbery operation to go and collect money.


However, he added that during the operation they never shot at anybody in or around the betting shop even if they were with guns.


According to Uzochukwu, told Vanguard “We were in a beer parlour drinking. One guy sky came and told us that one bet Nija operator is owing to him and he asked us to join him to the place to go and collect the money from him and that was how we planned it with violent to collect the money.


Also Anozie, said to Vanguard that, “I am from Ugiri Obollo in Isiala Mbano local government area of Imo state, 27-years-old. It was the sky that took us to that place and he told us that if we go there we will see the money. I have never been to that place before. I even told the police that we are the ones that robbed that place. We got 70,000 (seventy thousand naira) we were with a gun but we did not shoot anybody.


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