Story: Mission Impossible… Part 3

Story by Michael Luxguy Augustine
Sir Winners:dan does anybody live here
1st Youth:boy take
us to your own flat not the flat your landlord wants to rent out,non of us here is looking for
a house to rent
Me: (i wanted to talk but no words came out from my mouth,my hand was raised to approval words i was speaking but no sounds from me,i was just too confused,when i had tried too hard to make out a reasonable sound called sentence
tears responded to my tries instead and when the elder read my confused state,he shouted)
Elder:ewooo…the noise attracted the landlady who rushed inside
Landlady:ah ah Dan,why is the house empty,when did you people park without my notice?…Sir Winners just sat down on the already exposed floor and joined the Elder in for me a word finally
escaped from my mouth in respond
to the landlady
Me:m..m..m..y father issss a ghost
(bursted out crying)
whattt! Ah(she fainted)…the youths started running around in search
of water.neighbours started coming out.finally she was revived back to life.
The compound that day was stroked in
a big confusion,people
that dont believe were more than those who believe
finally we cried ourselves back to
Edo state,we arrived at night,around
9pm only to meet mama in a pity state,she was dying due to the shock,
her condition was worst
she could no longer speak out audiable words
Mama Clinton: (looking paled but who would ask her why when we all
are paled too)you people are back(no response)how did it go?
1st Youth:it is true
(he narrated everything to mama clinton who never missed shouting “heey eey”at every junction of suspense)so that’s what happened.
Mama Clinton:hmmm i had learnt how to live and accept that my son clinton is dead
(mama coughs and
all attention was drawn to her lying position)
Sir Winners:how is her health now
Mama Clinton:it has grown worst.she been here waiting
for Daniel
Me:am here now mama,we are back
Mama:my so you are back(her voice was faint and her sight blurry)
Me:yes mama(she raise her hand to
my face)
Mama Clinton: (faintly speaks)i want to
tell you who your true father is,get me a pen and paper…i got a pen and paper
Me:here mama
Mama:write your fathers name down
his name is Vincent Kybee(i wrote it down)when i left
him he was a dry cleaner.when you
see him you would know because he
has a small birth mark in the middle
of his right finger just like yours.he
is a nice and hardworking mannn(pause)
Me: ok mama(tears drop)where in
lagos would i find him? (no response)mama
(shakes her,feel
her body it was cold,then her mouth opened,fear grip
me,i turned to sir winners who was already shaking his head)sir is my mother dead?
Sir Winner: (to the youths)please draw him up(i didnt wait for them to touch me,i just stood up
on my own,i knew mama was dead
but could no longer cry,the tears in my eyes were dried up already)
Elder:another calamity has happened…mamaclinton started
crying and shouting,
i dont know what happened next but i knew i passed out
To Be Continued…
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