Steps To Take After Unlocking Fastlink Modem, Glo Modem,Zain Modem,Etisalat Modem With IMEI Number

It is no more News that you can unlock your 3G Faslink Modem, Unlock Glo Modem, Unlock Zain Modem, Unlock Etisalat Modem and turn them to Universal Modems with which you can use any SIM card of any network of your choice. This is been possible with the help of Unlocking Softwares which require mainly the IMEI number of your Modem for them to calculate the unlocking code for you within a click of a button.

Some smart guys have been making money for themselves offering this unlocking service in return for cash, while some are offering the service free of charge. I have been unlocking for some people free of charge while some also do send me recharge vouchers just to help them do it and text it to their phone. This way, I keep receiving a lot of recharge vouchers, enough for me to be paying for my internet subscription. Imagine, thats just the new way I now browse for free…….

What To Do After Receiving The Unlock Code

Once you have your unlock code handy, insert a SIM CARD different from the network that originally owns the modem i.e if you have MTN Fastlink modem, remove the MTN SIM and replace it with maybe Glo, Zain or Etisalat SIM. Thereafter, plug your modem back into your computer. After some seconds, you should then see a small window in which you can input the Unlock code. The picture below is what the small window normally looks like.

Type in the unlock code correctly inside the small window and click enter. If the unlocking is successfull, the small window will disappear meaning that your 3G modem has been successfully unlocked

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NOTE: If any small window DID NOT pop up, then it simply means your modem is not locked. To confirm this, you should also see the name of the new network, lets say Glo, appearing next to the network bars at the lower left corner of the modem’s dashboard.

You ONLY have 10 attempts to unlock your modem. This simply means if you input the WRONG code 10 times, then your modem will be locked FOREVER. Hance, don’t think you can use “Try & Error” or Permutation to get the unlock code. This is not “Further Mathematics”…lol

The Unlocking software will always calculate the right Unlocking code for you. So, let people that have the software unlock for you.

How To Create Profiles For MTN, Glo, Zain and Etisalat

After unlocking your modem, you will need to create new profiles for other networks you want to connect to via the unlocked modem..

To do this, click on “Tools” then “Options” under which you will now select “Profile Management“.

Under Profile Management, click on New and fill in the following for each network you want to setup as shown in the picture below..


Profile Name: MTN
Username : web
Password : web

For Globacom

Profile Name: Glo
APN: gloflat
Username : :flat
Password : flat

For Zain

Profile Name: Zain
Username : internet
Password : internet

For Etisalat

Profile Name: Etisalat
APN: etisalat
Username :web (you can also leave it blank)
Password : web (you can also leave it blank)

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Once you’re done creating the profile, click Save to save the settings, then New if you want to set up another network.

When you’re through setting up the networks, go back to the Connection page, select the network you want to browse with, from the drop down box, then click connect.

If everything was setup properly without any mistake, you should be able to get connected to the Internet unless the network is messing up at that point in time.

Note: As at the time of writing this, it has been observed that some MTN fastlink modems do not work with GLO SIM even after unlocking.

Presently, I am using a Glo Modem and I have used ALL the networks with it. The Glo Modem has interface for making calls, checking account balance and for loading vouchers. More so, the Glo Modem has a special support for Windows 7, hence, works perfectly with it.

That’s all for now.

I hope this helps…


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