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WATCH MOVIE: Eebo Bu – Latest Yoruba 2018 Comedy

  Starring Muyiwa Ademola | Rukayat Lawal | Fathia Balogun   It’s a new regime in an organisation when a lady with language defect is made a top executive. What will become of her staff when no one can comprehend…

WATCH MOVIE: Ata Ati Oju – Latest Yoruba 2018

Starring Odunlade Adekola | Bimbo Oshin | Eniola Ajao The power of the tongue cannot be underestimated. What is behind the trails of a young man faced with an unfortunate predicament when all fingers point at his father. Find out…

WATCH MOVIE: Amunisin Part 2 – Latest Yoruba 2018

Starring Odunlade Adekola | Faithia Balogun The warm celebration of a reputable company takes a different turn as a result of unforeseen situation resulting from darkest secrets amongst the trusted ones. Find out more. Enjoy! Watch Below

WATCH MOVIE: Mama Kowope – Latest Yoruba Movie Comedy

Starring Toyin Adegbola | Okunnu Mama Kowope, a wealthy and influential woman is known for her kindness and generosity but a misconduct from her trusted staff will reveal her worst fears. Find out more. Enjoy! Watch Below!

WATCH Ikunle – Latest Yoruba Movie 2018

Drama Starring Ibrahim Chatta | Aishat Raji | Taofeek Adewale A mother’s love and sacrifice is pure and incomparable. What could make the only child of a resilient mother deny his mother at the point of their breakthrough. Find out…

WATCH MOVIE: Adabi – Latest Yoruba 2018

  Drama Starring Bolanle Ninalowo | Bukola Awoyemi | Ireti Osayemi   Watch Below!

WATCH MOVIE: Ishola Fowosere – Latest Yoruba 2018

Drama Starring Odunlade Adekola | Liz Dasilva   Embittered by his boss’s reaction towards his income, Ishola is bent on making her pay a price if his conditions are not met. Find out more. Watch Below!

WATCH MOVIE: Natasha – Latest Yoruba 2018

Drama Starring Funmi Awelewa | Ayo Adesanya | Juliana Olayode In her quest to find true love, a young lady with a terrible past relationship must do the impossible to get her happily ever after. Find out more. Watch Below!…

WATCH MOVIE: Araola – New Intriguing Yoruba 2018

Starring Kenny George, Funsho Adeolu Watch Below

WATCH MOVIE: Iseju Marun – Latest Yoruba 2018

Drama Starring Odunlade Adekola | Fathia Balogun | Eniola Ajao Despite several advances from beautiful young ladies, a successful young man chooses to neglect them for a mandate that is ahead of him. Find out more. Enjoy! Watch Below! DOWNLOAD…

WATCH MOVIE: Alagbawi Part 2 – Latest Yoruba 2018

Drama Starring Odunlade Adekola | Mercy Aigbe | Nkechi Blessing The only son of a wealthy and influential man uses his father’s position and fame as a leverage to cover up his atrocities leaving the affected people in an unfortunate…

WATCH MOVIE: Adaba – Latest Yoruba 2018

Drama Starring Bukunmi Oluwashina | Muyiwa Ademola The discovery of a top secret made a married woman throw caution to the wind neglecting who it hurts but the consequences to her act awaits her in the nearest future. Watch Below!

WATCH MOVIE: Ojo (Day) – Latest Yoruba 2018

Starring Lateef Adedimeji | Mide Martins | Lola Idije Olamilekan reconnected with his father’s family shortly after his demise. He must strive to rise above the challenges he encounter in his new home. Find out more. Enjoy! Watch Below! DOWNLOAD…

WATCH MOVIE: Didohia (Part 2) – Latest Yoruba 2018 Drama

Obedience is better than sacrifice. What will become of a family man who defies a strong warning in averting a future occurrence because of his own selfish interest. Find out more. Starring Eniola Ajao | Okunnu | Tunde Owokoniran Enjoy!…

WATCH MOVIE: Emi Mi – New Intriguing Yoruba 2018

When love brings about too much jealousy, it is no longer regarded as love but lust.. Adewusi’s too much love for his wife turns him into a violent lover as every engagement his wife gets involved in is seen as…

WATCH MOVIE: Nkan Okunkun – Latest Yoruba 2018

The vengeful spirits of some young ladies are out on a rampage. Any man who falls prey of their wrath will suffer a terrible fate. Find out more. Starring Odunlade Adekola | Femi Adebayo Enjoy! Watch Below

WATCH MOVIE: Faramola – Latest Yoruba 2018 Drama

Despite the hardship and molestation experienced while growing up, Faramola and her only sister must break all odds to breakthrough but not without passing through many shallow waters. Find out more. Starring Bimpe Oyebade | Muyiwa Ademola | Jaiye Kuti…

WATCH MOVIE: Ilekun – Latest Yoruba 2018 Drama

A family man would rather pay his wife in a bad coin despite the love, care, affection and generosity towards him. Is there more to this act. Find out. Starring Mide M Abiodun | Funsho Adeolu | Jaiye Kuti Enjoy!…

WATCH MOVIE: Ise (Poverty) – Latest Yoruba 2018 Drama

Sammy, whose family are into abject poverty, tries to take them out of it by joining a gang whom he feels are legit. Starring Babatunde Bernard | Akin Olaiya Enjoy! Watch Below!

WATCH MOVIE: Aiye Nsare (Part 3) – Latest Yoruba 2018 Drama

The breakthrough to a young man struggles lies in the prophesy that has been revealed to him but when he chooses to rely on his own bidding, the end is uncertain. Find out more in this intriguing and educating movie….